About us

Sustainably produced products are of great concern to us. A product can be even more so produced sustainably, the total balance disappears when the product has a short life cycle and must be replaced again by a newly produced.

That's why we develop quality products with a long life cycle.

Product development and products:

Our Funtionsbekleidung is developed where children play. In robbers forest, on the playground, in the garden and where children play, move, stop. We observe exactly what the children bother them to feel comfortable and to freely Begen.

Contrary to the lavish, ephemeral "fast fashion" trends we do not produce collections. Our fashion from the warehouse district is timeless ..

Our garments are timeless in design, very durable, ideally matched to their utilization and therefore particularly durable. This is supported by specific details of our collections as replaceable "wear parts" (eg elastics) and compatibility of our Zip in products over many years.

Our colors are harmonious and match the Collection and seasonally across combined. We choose materials according grip, appearance and functionality from primarily, of course, always the latest technological developments in view. Uncomplicated substances that are washable, dry dirt and water repellent, fast or have other practical advantages are generally preferred by us. We reserve the right at all waterproof coatings environmental performance in mind and set an exclusively recommended by Grreanpeace polyurethane.

BMS products hold an average of 10 years. In children, the wardrobe holds an average of three generations before it is retired. The BMS-value is reflected especially in the very high resale value. And exactly here starts from our perspective to real sustainability. For what is gentler on the environment than durable clothing. Nice side effect for the customer, it is also easy on your wallet.


Our suppliers are exclusively owner-run small factories with good craftsmanship know-how. The partnerships are long term and based on good personal relations. The control of the production and maintenance of Contact Power performed by management. Every two months we are to spot check. Interestingly especially that 80% of our partner factories are run by women.

Our suppliers undertake to comply with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Katergorie 1, which includes testing for legally banned and regulated by law, as well as substances known to be harmful chemicals. In their entirety, the requirements go far beyond existing national laws.

The factories that produce for us:

Assign any contracts with subcontractors.
Adhere to the Oeko-Tex Standard.
Have the BSCI Audit 2011, there were.
(BSCI stands for "Business Social Compliance Initiative" and is a platform for improving social standards in a global value chain. It offers companies a code of conduct to which supports them to build an ethical supply chain in its efforts. This Code is based on international treaties for the protection of workers' rights.)
Are permanently controlled directly by us - so we do not rely on statements by third parties.
Production conditions:

Compliance with decent production conditions is particularly important to us, which is why all our suppliers to commit to a "Code of Conduct". This refers to the provisions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO International Labour Organisation). These requirements include, inter alia, working time limits, minimum wages, job security and prohibition of child labor.


Every two months, our management in the factories, in order to verify compliance with our working conditions and our prescribed quality standards. This results on the one hand ensuring our quality standards as well as the certainty that our notions of fair dealing and sustainability are consistently adhered to.